Deadline For Filing FCC Form 384, Digital Channel Election Form, Second Round Election Extended Until October 31, 2005.

In the Second DTV Periodic Review Report and Order, the Commission adopted a multi- step channel election process through which the nation’s full- power television licensees and permittees (licensees) will select their ultimate DTV channel inside the core (i. e., channels 2- 51). On October 4, 2005, the Commission announced 1,713 tentative channel designations based upon the First Round Channel Elections, and required licensees participating in the second round of elections to file FCC Form 384, Digital Channel Election Form Second Round Election, no later than October 24, 2005.

On October 19, 2005, the Association of Federal Communications Consulting Engineers (AFCCE) requested a three week extension of the October 24 th filing deadline on behalf of its members, asserting that the engineering involved in choosing channels for the approximately 80 licensees participating in the second round of elections has become more complex, now that 1,713 licensees have received tentative channel designations. AFCCE also states that channel studies could not be performed until the Commission released the October 4th public notice, and that 20 days is an insufficient amount of time “to make use of all the techniques for the best and final DTV operation, particularly in markets with multiple and possibly competing demands and interests.”

We will grant an extension of the October 24th deadline, but not for the length of time requested.

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DA-05-2758A1.pdf [110 KB PDF]