THIRD ROUND OF THE DTV CHANNEL ELECTION PROCESS: TENTATIVE CHANNEL DESIGNATIONS. (DA No. 06-1675) Contact: Nazifa Sawez at (202) 418-7059, or Gordon Godfrey at (202) 418-2193, (202) 418-7172

In the Second DTV Periodic Report and Order, the Commission adopted a multi-step channel election process for full-power television broadcast licensees and permittees (hereinafter “licensees”) to select their ultimate DTV channel inside the core TV spectrum (i.e., channels 2-51).At the completion of the first two channel election rounds, 1,789 licensees received tentative channel designations (“TCDs”).

Licensees were eligible to participate in the third and final round of the channel election process (1) if they had not received a TCD, (2) if they received a TCD in an earlier round on a low-VHF channel (i.e., channels 2-6), or (3) if they received a TCD in an earlier round on a channel for which the Commission has been unable to resolve international coordination issues with the Canadian or Mexican government.The deadline for eligible licensees to make third round elections (via FCC Form 386) was May 26, 2006.Twenty-two eligible licensees elected channels in the third round.

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