Digital Audio Broadcasting Systems And TheirImpact On The Terrestrial Radio Broadcast Service (Docket 99-325)

In the Digital Audio Broadcasting Report and Order, the FCC selected in-band, on-channel (“IBOC”) as the technology enabling AM and FM radio broadcast stations to commence digital audio broadcasting (“DAB”). In the DAB R&O, the FCC adopted notification procedures allowing existing AM and FM radio stations to begin digital transmissions immediately on an interim basis using the IBOC system developed by iBiquity Digital Corporation (“iBiquity”). They concluded that the adoption of a specific technology would facilitate the development of digital services for terrestrial broadcasters. The FCC deferred consideration of final operational requirements and related broadcast licensing and service rule changes to a future date.In a Further Notice of Proposed Rule Making (“FNPRM”) The FCC addressed issues left unresolved in the DAB R&O and sought comment on what changes and amendments to Part 73 of the Commission’s rules were necessary to facilitate the adoption of DAB.

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