The FCC Has Announced two New Digital, LPTV and TV Translator Filing Windows.

The first window opens August 25, 2009 for digital LPTV and TV translators in rural areas.  A second LPTV and TV translator window for nationwide areas opens January 25, 2010.

See the attached PDF for the FCC’s Public Notice.”Rural Areas” are the locations 75 miles beyond the top 100 markets, as defined in the Public Notice.Cavell, Mertz & Associates has prepared a map, viewable in Google Earth, that depicts these 75 mile top-100 market regions.Click the Google Earth icon, below, to view this map.(You must have Google Earth installed.)

Please note that the FCC may issue some corrections to the top-100 market region definitions. For example, the city of Sacramento (market #20) is clearly not centered in the specified circle.


Public Notice [202 KB PDF]
Top 100 DMAs in Google Earth [53 KB]