FCC CDBS and ULS information still available, even during the government shutdown.

Even though the FCC’s webpages are out of service, CDBS and ULS information is still available on the Cavell-Mertz FREE site – www.FCCInfo.com. FCCInfo provides user searchable CDBS data and ULS data, so you can look up information on microwave links, AM, FM, TV stations, group owners, translators, ASRNs, and more. We regularly update our site data directly from the FCC’s CDBS (nightly for CDBS and weekly for ULS). We also have a Google Map plugin so you can see site locations, microwave paths and more. When the FCC is up and functioning, there are also means available for drilling down to the underlying CDBS files so you can more easily review applications, licenses, and other information. (Note that the data presently available on FCCInfo during the government shutdown is from the latest publicly available FCC CDBS and ULS databases. Since no new actions are possible under the shutdown, the information is current in its frozen form. When the government reopens, the FCCInfo database files will be promptly updated when the FCC releases its public database files.)