Media Bureau Announces Completion of First Phase of Licensing and Management System for Full Power TV Stations

The Media Bureau announces the availability of the first phase of a new e-filing system, the Licensing and Management System (LMS).  Although LMS will ultimately replace the Consolidated Data Base System (CDBS) as the e-filing system for all radio and TV broadcasters, this initial phase applies only to full-power TV stations that seek to file applications for construction permits (formerly Form 301) and applications for a license to cover a construction permit (formerly Form 302-DT). Continue reading “Media Bureau Announces Completion of First Phase of Licensing and Management System for Full Power TV Stations”

New FM Class C4 Petition for Rulemaking –
Comment Deadline Extended

On January 22, 2013, SSR Communications, Inc. filed a Petition for Rulemaking to create a new Zone II FM broadcast station class, or C4 allocation, and amend certain technical rules for the FM broadcast service. The Commission released a public notice establishing a 30-day deadline for filing statements supporting or opposing the Petition. Comments are due September 18, 2014 with Reply comments due October 3, 2014.

Commission Identifies Tentative LPFM Selectees In 111 Groups Of Mutually Exclusive Applications

The FCC considers 111 groups of mutually exclusive (“MX”) applications comprising the Midwestern and Eastern states of the United States filed in the recent LPFM window and uses a point system to tentatively select applications for grant. The tentative selectees, i.e., the single applicant with the highest point total or the applicants tied for the highest point total from each MX group, are identified, in bold, in Attachment A. Upon the release of this Public Notice, the Commission initiates a 30-day period for filing petitions to deny against the applicants tentatively selected and a 90-day period for the filing of voluntary time-share proposals (point-aggregation requests) and major change amendments.