Media Bureau Announces Completion of First Phase of Licensing and Management System for Full Power TV Stations

The Media Bureau announces the availability of the first phase of a new e-filing system, the Licensing and Management System (LMS).  Although LMS will ultimately replace the Consolidated Data Base System (CDBS) as the e-filing system for all radio and TV broadcasters, this initial phase applies only to full-power TV stations that seek to file applications for construction permits (formerly Form 301) and applications for a license to cover a construction permit (formerly Form 302-DT).

As of October 2, 2014, existing full power TV station permittees and licensees will be required to use the LMS system to file applications for construction permits and licenses and any amendments to pending construction permit and license applications using Form 2100 Schedule A or Schedule B. These stations will no longer be able to use the CDBS e-filing system to file these applications. A link to the LMS system can be found at here.


Public Notice [110 KB PDF]