FCC Identifies 96 Groups of Mutually Exclusive LPFM applications

The Commission considers 96 groups of mutually exclusive (“MX”) applications filed in the recent low power FM (“LPFM”) window and uses a point system to tentatively select applications for grant. The tentative selectees are identified, in bold, in Attachment A. Commencing on December 24, 2014, the first business day after the date of the release of this Public Notice, the Commission initiates a 30-day period for filing petitions to deny against the applicants tentatively selected and a 90-day period for the filing of voluntary time-share proposals (point aggregation requests) and major change amendments.

Attachment B includes a list of all stations requesting second adjacent waivers.


Public Notice [202 KB PDF]
Attachment A - MX Groups (PDF) [128 KB PDF]
Attachment B - Second Adjacent Waiver Requests [63 KB PDF]