Gary Cavell selected as the Editor-in-Chief of the 11th NAB Engineering Handbook.

The NAB and Focal Press have asked Gary Cavell to become Editor-in-Chief of the next edition of the NAB Engineering Handbook.

 The NAB Engineering Handbook is a complete compilation of engineering knowledge in all topics involving broadcasting – the last (10th) edition, published in 2007, was over 2000 pages long and covered topics from tower matters, to radio and television and more. This publication has been published across many decades and has served as a comprehensive reference work for engineers in the broadcasting industry. In this latest edition, Gary will be working with a team of knowledgeable, well known associate editors that include David Layer and Skip Pizzi of the NAB, and Tom Osenkowsky.

The last edition had something on the order of 100 contributors, so this will not minor undertaking, but it is a worthwhile project and a chance to “give back” something to the industry. Gary’s goal is to make this edition more readable, approachable, and perhaps a bit more “evergreen”.

The publication date is under discussion, but given the magnitude of this effort, will probably be a couple of years off. We’ll keep you posted as things firm up – these books are worth having as a reference in any broadcast facility.