Spectrum Auction Inter-Service Interference 3rd R&O

In this Order the FCC resolves the remaining technical issues affecting the operation of new 600 MHz wireless licensees and broadcast television stations in areas where they operate on the same or adjacent channels in geographic proximity. Specifically, they adopted the methodology and the regulatory framework for the protection of both wireless services and broadcasting in the post-auction environment that were proposed in October 2014. The FCC affirmed the decision regarding the methodology to be used during the incentive auction to predict inter-service interference between broadcasting and wireless services and also affirmed our decision declining to adopt a cap on the aggregate amount of new interference a broadcast television station may receive from other television stations in the repacking process.

More flexibility in Channel Sharing Agreements

In this Order, the FCC provides more flexibility to broadcasters interested in the channel sharing option by clarifying that back-up channel sharing agreements (“CSAs”) are permitted under our rules and providing more time for successful bidders to transition to shared facilities after the auction. They also provide guidance regarding how the CSA exception to the prohibited communications rule applies with respect to back-up CSAs. By providing greater flexibility and certainty in connection with CSAs, the objective is to encourage voluntary participation by broadcasters in the incentive auction.

FCC Releases Opening Bids for Reverse Auction

The Incentive Auction Task Force and the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau released the opening bid prices for the reverse auction (Auction 1001). The spreadsheet shows the opening prices that will be offered to each full power and Class A station eligible to participate in the auction, for each of the possible bid options available to that station, calculated using the formula adopted by the Commission in the Auction 1000 Bidding Procedures Public Notice and the final baseline and constraint files released in conjunction with the Auction 1000 Application Procedures Public Notice. Continue reading “FCC Releases Opening Bids for Reverse Auction

Application Procedures for Broadcast Incentive Auction

This Public Notice includes an attachment with the final appendices providing the technical details implementing the Commission’s decisions in the Auction 1000 Bidding Procedures PN regarding the clearing target determination procedure, the final television channel assignment plan, and the assignment of frequency-specific licenses to forward auction clock-phase winning bidders, as well as algorithms for reverse and forward auction bid processing. An additional attachment provides information relating to the determination of opening prices for each bid option available to each eligible broadcast television licensee in the reverse auction, including the process for identifying “not-needed” stations. Finally, this Public Notice includes as an attachment information on the PEA-by-PEA spectrum reserve eligibility of nationwide providers.