FCC Releases Opening Bids for Reverse Auction

The Incentive Auction Task Force and the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau released the opening bid prices for the reverse auction (Auction 1001). The spreadsheet shows the opening prices that will be offered to each full power and Class A station eligible to participate in the auction, for each of the possible bid options available to that station, calculated using the formula adopted by the Commission in the Auction 1000 Bidding Procedures Public Notice and the final baseline and constraint files released in conjunction with the Auction 1000 Application Procedures Public Notice. A station is identified in the spreadsheet as “Not Needed” if the auction system has determined that the station will always have a feasible channel assignment in its pre-auction band at all of the possible auction clearing targets.

The Original FCC release was only in PDF form.  The XLS link below is the same data in spreadsheet form converted from the original PDF by Cavell Mertz & Associates and provided here without warranty.


Public Notice [135 KB PDF]
Attachment A (Original FCC Release) [260 KB PDF]
FCC Provided Spreadsheet [233 KB]
Attachment A Cavell Mertz version (XLS Format) [696 KB]