Broadcast Incentive Auction Updates and Supplemental Information

The Wireless Telecommunications Bureau updated and supplements information provided in the Auction 1000 Application Procedures Public Notice. Specifically, they announced that the pre-auction process tutorial for the forward auction will be available by January 19, 2016; provide additional information concerning access to the Commission’s bidding system for the reverse and forward auctions; provide additional details about the grouping of Partial Economic Areas (“PEAs”) in the assignment phase of the forward auction; and make ministerial changes to two of the appendices released with the Auction 1000 Application Procedures Public Notice.

FCC Post-Auction LPTV Rules

The Federal Communications Commission yesterday unanimously adopted several measures to help low power television (LPTV) and TV translator stations to continue serving their viewers following next year’s Incentive Auction. “The Commission’s action is designed to preserve the vital services LPTV and TV translator stations provide – particularly in rural areas,” Media Bureau Chief William Lake said. “These steps, along with other actions we have taken, will help ensure the continued availability of these services following the Incentive Auction.”

New FAA Marking & Lighting Circular 70/7460-1L

On December 4, 2015, the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) released Advisory Circular for Obstruction Marking and Lighting 70/7460-1L (AC 70/7460-1L), which cancels and replaces Advisory Circular 70/7460-1K.1 This release effectively amends the lighting requirements applicable to towers that must be registered in the Commission’s Antenna Structure Registration (ASR) system.