Initial Clearing Target of 126  MegaHertz Set For The Broadcast Television Spectrums Incentive Auction; Bidding In The Clock Phase Of The Reverse Auction (Auction1001) Will Start On May 31, 2016

The Incentive Auction Task Force and Wireless Telecommunications Bureau also Announce Number of Forward Auction Blocks, Mailing of Final Confidential Status Letters, and Important Upcoming Events and Dates for Auction 1001

1. By this Public Notice, the Incentive Auction Task Force (Task Force) and the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau (Bureau) announce the 126 megahertz initial spectrum clearing target that has been set by the Auction System’s initial clearing target determination procedure and the associated band plan for the initial stage of the incentive auction, as well as the number of Category 1 and Category 2 generic license blocks in each Partial Economic Area (PEA) that will be offered in the initial stage during the forward auction (Auction 1002).

2. We also announce that we will be sending today a confidential letter (the Final Confidential Status Letter) to inform each applicant that was permitted to make an initial commitment in the reverse auction (Auction 1001) of its status with respect to the clock phase of the reverse auction. Finally, we provide details and specific dates regarding the availability of educational materials and the bidding in the clock phase of the reverse auction.


3. The Auction System’s initial clearing target determination procedure has set an initial spectrum clearing target of 126 megahertz. Under the band plan associated with this spectrum clearing target, 100 megahertz, or 10 paired blocks, of licensed spectrum will be offered in the forward auction on a near-nationwide basis. The following chart shows the band plan.


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