Media Bureau Announces Date By Which LPTV And TV Translator Stations Must Be "Operating" In Order to Participate In Post-Incentive Auction Special Displacement Window

By this Public Notice, the Media Bureau announced that, in order to participate in the post-Incentive Auction special displacement window, low power television (LPTV) and TV translator stations must be operating on the date that the Channel Reassignment Public Notice is released following the completion of the reverse auction.

In the Incentive Auction R&O, the Commission delegated authority to the Media Bureau to announce, after release of the Channel Reassignment Public Notice and after eligible full power and Class A television stations have an opportunity to file construction permit applications for their new facilities, including an alternative channel or expanded facility, a limited window for operating LPTV and TV translator stations to submit displacement applications. The Commission’s rules limit eligibility to file in the displacement window to “operating low power TV and TV translator stations that are displaced . . . as a result of the broadcast television spectrum incentive auction.” The Commission delegated authority to the Media Bureau to announce the terms of the limited displacement window consistent with the approach outlined in the Incentive Auction R&O.


Public Notice [135 KB PDF]