AM and FM Lab and Testbed Now Available

Cavell, Mertz & Associates is pleased to announce the RF Testbed we designed and constructed for the NAB Labs/PILOT test series is now available in our suburban Washington, DC location on a limited rental basis for individuals and organizations interested in experimenting with digital and analog AM and FM band radio systems.

The existing test bed includes a transmitter rack, a receiver rack, and an audio rack. All racks incorporate grounding bars; power to the test bed is supplied through a UPS systems.

The transmitter rack includes three AM exciters, three FM transmitters & HD exciters, Exporters, RF attenuators (one which is programmable), an RF patch panel, RF noise generator, RF loads, and a 6 port RF combiner.

The audio rack contains an audio router, a patch bay for analog and AES digital signals, audio test and measurement equipment, automation and control computers, three audio processors, audio noise generator, monitoring equipment, and an RDS encoder.

The receiver rack contains an 8-port RF splitter fed from the transmitter rack combiner, five test receivers, an associated 12VDC power supply, two RF spectrum analyzers, and a keyboard and monitor for all computers.

If you or your organization has an interest in using this system, lab time (and a system engineer, if necessary) can be made available in coordination with Cavell Mertz & Associates, Inc. and the NAB Technology department. Rental and system engineer rates, as well as more detailed system information can be made available upon request.

Contact Mike Rhodes at Cavell Mertz for further information via e-mail at


AM and FM Lab and Testbed Now Available [162 KB PDF]