Expanded Opportunities for Radio Experimentation for RF-based medical devices

The FCC  proposed to modify its Part 5 experimental licensing rules to permit program experimental radio licensees (program licensees) to operate on the restricted bands of operation listed in Section 15.205(a)of its rules. More specifically, the FCC proposed to permit program licensees to experiment on those frequencies with RF-based medical devices, if the device being tested is designed to comply with all applicable service rules in Part 18 (Industrial, Scientific, and Medical Equipment); Part 95 (Personal Radio Services), Subpart H (Wireless Medical Telemetry Service); or Part 95, Subpart I (Medical Device Radiocommunication Service, or MedRadio). They adopted this proposal, which facilitates access to spectrum that can be used under a program experimental radio license (program license), to improve the utility of this type of licensing scheme for those entities experimenting with RF-based medical devices, and thereby help to advance innovation in this area.


fcc-16-86a1.pdf [101 KB PDF]