Procedures For Submitting Financial Information Required For The Disbursement Of Incentive Payments After The Incentive Auction Closes.

This Public Notice provides instructions to full power and Class A broadcasters and multichannel video programming distributors (MVPDs) who anticipate receiving incentive and/or reimbursement payment(s) following the incentive auction (collectively, Payment Applicants). These instructions describe essential steps that Payment Applicants must take before receiving incentive payments based on winning reverse auction bids or payments from the Television Broadcaster Relocation Fund (the Fund) for expenses eligible for reimbursement. This Public Notice describes and explains FCC Forms 1875 and 1876, the forms that Payment Applicants must use to provide the Commission with directions for making payments. These forms enable Payment Applicants to certify their agreement with and acknowledgement of required payment terms, to identify the individual(s) authorized to give the Commission instructions regarding payments, and to identify the financial institution and account into which payments should be made. Updating Payment Applicant Information in the Updated Commission Registration System (CORES). Prior to providing instructions for payments, each Payment Applicant must have a representative log in to the FCC User Registration System ( and set up a username and password to create an FCC Username Account. Detailed instructions on how to register for an FCC Username Account can be found at:


Public Notice [292 KB PDF]