FCC Proposes To Eliminate Main Studio Rule. Action Would Reduce Regulatory Burdens And Costs For Broadcasters.

The Federal Communications Commission is proposing to eliminate the main studio rule, which requires each AM, FM, and television broadcast station to have a main studio located in or near its local community. The FCC also proposes to eliminate the requirement that the main studio have full-time management and staff present during normal business hours, and the requirement that it be able to originate programming. The main studio rule, which the FCC first adopted more than 70 years ago, was originally implemented on the premise that local access to the main studio facilitated input from community members and the station’s participation in community activities.


Press Release [258 KB PDF]
Statement from Chairman Pai [63 KB PDF]
Statement from Commisstioner Clyburn [66 KB PDF]
Statement from Commissioner O'Rielly [54 KB PDF]