Revitalization Of The AM Radio Service, Third Report And Order. The Commission adopted a Third Report and Order that relaxes or eliminates certain rules pertaining to AM broadcasters employing and maintaining directional antenna arrays.

This Third Report and Order is the latest in a series of orders designed to further the Commission’s efforts to assist AM broadcasters in providing vital radio service to consumers through out the country. By identifying ways to streamline the technical requirements imposed upon AM broadcasters, we free up resources to allow those broadcasters better to serve the public. In the Further Notice of Proposed Rule Making in this proceeding, the Commission sought comment on technical proposals directed toward reducing certain regulatory burdens on AM broadcasters operating directional antenna arrays.One proposal sought to reduce the number of radials on which field strength measurements must be taken when conducting a partial proof of performance on an AM directional array. The other consisted of a series of proposals aimed at reducing the expenses associated with computer modeling of directional AM antenna performance, known a s Method of Moments (MoM) modeling , as well as improving the quality of MoM modeling and maintaining the proper performance and adjustment of directional AM antenna arrays verified by MoM modeling .


Report and Order [173 KB PDF]