John Kean presents at the 2017 IEEE Broadcast Technology Symposium

John Kean of Cavell Mertz & Associates presented a paper on Antenna Radiation Pattern Measurement with a Drone at the 2017 IEEE Broadcast Technology Symposium in Washington DC on October 12,2017.

The presentation focused on the history of RF signal strength measurements and the recent advances in technology allowing the use of Unmanned Arial Systems (UAS), commonly called drones, to perform measurements with considerable improvements in accuracy. The close proximity to the antennas allows more horizontal and vertical antenna pattern measurements otherwise not possible with previous aircraft or ground based techniques.

A PDF of Mr. Kean’s presentation slides can be viewed at the link below.

Cavell Mertz has made a significant investment in drone technology and has several platforms for making RF measurements of wireless transmitters, particularly FM and television antennas. Additional information can be found at


John Kean IEEE Drone Presentation [1873 KB PDF]