Amendment Of Part 15 Of The FCC’s Rules For Unlicensed White Space Devices

The FCC has taken steps to improve the accuracy and reliability of the fixed white space device data recorded in the white space databases and assure that the potential for these devices to cause interference to protected services is minimized.

The FCC adopted certain changes to the rules for fixed white space devices. Specifically, they now require all fixed white space devices to incorporate a geo-location capability such as GPS and eliminate the option that permitted the geographic coordinates of a fixed device to be determined by a professional installer. They also adopted rules that allow the use of external geo-location sources by a fixed white space device when the device is used at a location where its internal geo-location capability does not function, such as deep inside a building. In addition, they now require fixed white space devices to periodically re-check their geographic coordinates at least once a day and report the coordinates to the white space database. See Report and Order for additional information.


Report and Order [256 KB PDF]