Media Bureau Implements LMS Electronic Filing For Radio Stations

Media Bureau announces it is commencing the transition of electronic filing of radio station applications and pleadings from the current Consolidated Data Base System (CDBS) to the LMS online electronic filing system. During this transition, the Media Bureau will convert all existing CDBS forms to an LMS format, will transition the filing of comments and pleadings to LMS and will initiate the release of public notices for radio station applications and pleadings through LMS.

Although the Media Bureau intends to transition all applications and pleadings for radio stations to LMS over the next several months, the first phase of this transition commencing May 1, 2019, only applies to radio station license renewal applications to be filed during the upcoming license renewal cycle. That cycle will commence on June 1, 2019, for radio stations in Washington, DC, Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia. See Public Notice for further details.


Public Notice [110 KB PDF]