FCC To Issue NPRM On TV DTS/SFN’s at March Meeting

The FCC is seeking comment on changes to the Commission’s rules governing the use of a distributed transmission system (DTS), or single frequency network (SFN), by a broadcast television station. They seek comment on the following:

• Amending the Commission’s rules to permit, within certain limits, DTS signals to spill over beyond a station’s authorized service area by more than the “minimal amount” currently allowed by section 73.626.

• How DTS signals extending beyond their current service areas should be treated for interference purposes if such spillover is allowed.

• Potential impacts to other spectrum users, such as TV translators and LPTV stations,including whether there are alternatives to the proposed rule changes that could accomplish the intended objectives.

• Whether to modify the DTS rules as they relate to Class A and LPTV licensees.

• Whether and to what extent the proposed changes are also appropriate for stations broadcasting in ATSC 1.0.

See NPRM below for further details.