Assessment & Collection Of Regulatory Fees For Fiscal Year 2020

The FCC is leveling the playing field among space stations by assessing a regulatory fee on non-U.S. licensed space stations with United States market access and including those non-U.S. licensed space stations in the current regulatory fee categories for geostationary (GSO) and non-geostationary (NGSO) space stations. The fee is imposed regardless of whether the non-U.S. licensed space station operator obtains the market access through a declaratory ruling or through an earth station applicant as a point of communication. The FCC is also seeking comment on the Commission’s proposed regulatory fees for fiscal year (FY) 2020. Specifically, the FCC proposes to collect $339,000,000 in regulatory fees for FY 2020. See Report and Order for full details.

FCC Denies An Auxiliary Facility Upgrade

The FCC has denied Blackbelt Broadcasting an authorization to operate using an auxiliary license at a higher ERP than currently authorized for a Class A station. Blackbelt was seeking a waiver due to “special and unique circumstances” based on access to listeners that are working at home due to the Corona virus. See attached letter for full details.