FCC Adopts Second R&O Concerning The Next Gen TV Standard

The FCC issue a second R&O to resolve pending issues in the proceeding that authorized broadcasters to use the Next Gen TV transmission standard. The FCC provided additional guidance to broadcasters deploying Next Gen TV that wish to receive a waiver of the local simulcasting rules, decline to permit at this time the use of vacant broadcast channels for the purpose of Next Gen TV deployment, and clarify the significantly viewed status of Next Gen TV stations. See Second R&O for full details.

FCC Reminds LPTV & TV Translator Stations Operating On The Guard Band/Duplex Gap Channels Of July 13 Deadline To Cease Operations

The Media Bureau released a Public Notice to remind low power television and television translator stations (LPTV/translator stations) operating on the guard band/duplex gap channels (channels 38, 44, 45 and 46) that they must cease operations no later than 11:59 pm local time on July 13, 2020. See Public Notice for full details.

FCC Announces Settlement Opportunity For Mutually Exclusive LPTV & TV Translator Applications

The Media Bureau has pending before it the mutually exclusive applications for new or modified digital low power television and television translator stations (LPTV/translator stations) listed in the Appendix to this Public Notice. Parties with applications in the mutually exclusive groups listed in the Appendix may resolve their mutual exclusivity by unilateral engineering amendment, legal settlement, or engineering settlement during a settlement period beginning today, June 1, 2020 and ending at 11:59 pm ET, July 31, 2020. See Public Notice and Appendix for additional details.