Post-Incentive Auction Transition Successfully Meets 39-Month Deadline

Makes Spectrum Available for 5G Wireless Services and Applications, Spurring Job Creation and Economic Growth

The FCC announced that the post-incentive auction transition has successfully reached the July 13, 2020 deadline established for television stations to move off their pre-auction channel assignments. This milestone signals that all of the valuable low-band airwaves sold in the ground-breaking broadcast incentive auction are now available for wireless mobile broadband services. This newly licensed 600 MHz band spectrum is already benefiting millions of U.S. consumers, as it is being used to provide wireless service, including 5G, across the country. And with the end of the transition, the broader deployment of this spectrum will further help close the digital divide in rural America, ease congestion on wireless networks, promote the widespread availability of 5G, and spur job creation and economic growth. See Press Release for additional details.


Press Release [157 KB PDF]