More LMS Online Filing

As part of its ongoing effort to update the Commission’s application filing systems, the Media Bureau is pleased to announce the transition of additional filings to the LMS online electronic system.

Commencing May 17, 2022, the public will be required to submit the following filings using LMS:

  • FM Engineering Special Temporary Authorizations (STAs)
  • Request for Silent STA
  • Extension of STA – Silent
  • Extension of STA – Engineering
  • Suspension of Operations Notification
  • Resumption of Operations
  • AM/FM Digital Notification
  • Modulation Dependent Carrier Level (MDCL) Notification
  • Change of Primary Station Notification
  • Tolling Notification
  • Reduced Power Notification
  • Withdraw Pending Applications

Further new features include the ability to search by frequency or channel using the “Frequency/Channel” option in Public Search, and the addition of existing STA and silent notification records to LMS from the Consolidated Database System (CDBS).

See Public Notice below for additional details and instructions.


Public Notice [105 KB PDF]