Part 74 LPTV rules update

In this Order and Sixth Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (Order and NPRM), the FCC seeks to update Part 74 rules for low power television (LPTV) and TV translator services (collectively “LPTV/translator”) to reflect the current operating environment, including the termination of analog operations in the LPTV/translator service as of July 13, 2021. In the Order, they delete or revise Commission rules that no longer have any practical effect given the completion of the LPTV/translator digital transition, or that are otherwise obsolete or irrelevant. They also make certain ministerial changes, for example, to delete analog rules that were found in Part 74, and add definitions and other information previously adopted in rulemaking proceedings but inadvertently omitted through oversight.

In the NPRM, they seek comment on additional amendments, including proposing to adopt rules previously applicable to analog operations for digital operations, updating geographic coordinates to the current North American Datum (NAD) standard, modifying station identification requirements, requiring LPTV stations to transmit with a virtual channel that avoids conflicts with other stations, updating the process for filing applications with the Commission, and making certain technical modifications.

Comment Date: October 24, 2022
Reply Comment Date: November 7, 2022