Proposed Updates to TV & Class A Rules

The broadcast television industry has recently completed two significant transitions – the transition from analog to digital-only operations, and the post-incentive auction transition to a smaller television band with fewer channels. In this Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM), the FCC proposes and seeks comment on comprehensively deleting, updating, or otherwise revising Commission rules for full power and Class A stations that no longer have any practical effect given these historic changes. They also propose and seek comment on a restructuring of subpart E of part 73 of the Commission’s rules, which largely consists of the technical licensing, operating, and interference rules for full power television. The proposed restructuring will make the rules more streamlined and easily understandable for our licensees and the public.

Comment and Reply Comment dates will be announced after publication in the Federal Register.


NPRM [1308 KB PDF]