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Cindy Hutter Cavell

Cindy Hutter Cavell joined Cavell Mertz and Associates full-time in 2010, specializing in television facility technical design, systems/workflow/personnel evaluation and fixed microwave systems.

Cindy is currently working for the FCC’s Fund Administrator for the TV Band Repack project as the Engineering Team Lead. She oversees the development and execution of all of the technical parameters of the $2.5 Billion program. Similarly, she worked at Sprint/Nextel as Director, Broadcast Engineering for the 2GHz (BAS) Project where she and her engineering team provided broadcast industry expertise and perspective.  She authored all of the technical standards and practices for the $750 million program, and evaluated all of the more than 1,100 contracts for technical compliance with the program.

Ms. Hutter Cavell headed the Fox Sports Net’s Houston Technical Operations Center for several years as Vice President/General Manager, and has been VP of Engineering at television stations owned by Argyle, TEGNA, and Fox. She has designed and supervised the rebuilding of entire stations, technical plants, DTV facilities, control rooms, newsrooms and news studios.

She spent 15 years at ABC News working as a field Technical Manager on numerous presidential trips during the Reagan and Bush, Sr. administrations. Her job typically involved building remote broadcast facilities “from scratch” in countries all over the world.  More noted adventures at ABC included running microwave links in the Himalayas for a combined ABC/CBC live broadcast of the scaling of Mt. Everest, working three Olympic Games (Sarajevo, Los Angeles, and Calgary) and spending several months in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia as the on-site pool Technical Manager for General Schwarzkopf’s military briefings for Operation Desert Storm in 1991.

Ms. Hutter Cavell is the recipient of the AWRT/SBE 2007 Outstanding Female Broadcast Engineer award, the 2015 TV NewsCheck Women in Technology Leadership Award and the 2019 NAB Engineering Achievement Award for Television.  She is a member of the Society of Broadcast Engineers, SMPTE and IEEE.

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