Facility Activity Report

A weekly, report of FCC application activity in your area delivered to you via email.

FAR details all co-channel and adjacent channel FCC applications that may impact your station, within 60 miles of each station studied. It includes highlights of activity within the last 7 days, and shows additional activity in the last 14 days. FAR is available as an individual station market, and/or regional study with a national summary, if desired.

Activities And Events Monitored Daily:

  • Construction Permit (CP) applications for proposed construction of new facilities
  • Proposed modifications of pending Construction Permits
  • Amendments to pending applications
  • License applications that either seek to “cover” pending Construction Permits or modify Licensed Facilities
  • Other technical and status changes in LMS that are not triggered by FCC applications

Click to view a sample report (PDF file)

Station Owners:
The FAR is provided to subscribers via email on a weekly basis. Each report provides a listing of nearby filing actions. Embedded hyperlinks take you directly to the application’s detailed data on the Cavell Mertz FCCInfo.com website.

Group Owners:
FAR provides a consolidated report for group engineering or corporate management as well as market by market reports for the regional and/or local station engineers. Multiple email recipients can be added.

Affordable and Customizable
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