Drone Services

Cavell Mertz is pleased to be the first broadcast engineering firm in the U.S. to offer drone-based measurement services for TV and FM broadcast antennas. We use state-of-the-art UAV and instrumentation technology to assess antenna system radiation in both horizontal plane (polar) and elevation modes. Horizontally and vertically polarized emissions may be measured separately for circularly or elliptically polarized antenna systems.

Traditional methods, such as road-based and manned aircraft measurements, and visual inspection by tower climbers may be more costly to conduct and have limitations in accuracy due to terrain effects, ground reflection, etc. Drones offer an outstanding platform to carry instrumentation aloft at relatively close distances, and can rapidly measure emissions from transmitting antennas – often in one day.

Like all aircraft, measurement drones are subject to FAA regulations and require careful site analysis and mission planning. Our team of FAA-licensed drone pilots evaluate and qualify each candidate site to provide professional and accurate results. Customers can be confident to receive expert and efficient results that come from a forerunner in the broadcast engineering industry.