Lab Testing

Cavell, Mertz & Associates, in cooperation with Pilot, formerly NAB Labs, has a test bed available for AM and FM testing. The lab offers testing for both FM and AM analog and digital signals as well as hybrid signals. The lab has three equipment racks; a transmitter rack, a Receiver rack and an audio rack.

The Transmitter rack contains the RF generation equipment including three AM exciters, three FM Transmitters & HD Exciters, Exporters, RF attenuators, RF patch panel, RF noise generator, and a 6 port RF combiner.

The Audio rack contains the audio router, audio patch bay for analog and AES digital signals, audio test and measurement equipment, automation and control computers, three audio processors, audio noise generator, and an RDS encoder.

The Receiver rack contains an 8 port RF splitter fed from the Transmitter rack combiner, five test receivers and associated 12VDC power supply, modulation monitor, and a RF spectrum analyzer.